There is no "right" way when it comes to hashtags. Yes, there are some more tactful ways to do things and yes, there are some annoying ways that people use them. However, it's hard to say "this is the right way" and "this is the wrong way" because there is no such thing as #hashtagpolice. 

I read an article (probably on Pinterest) about why someone stopped using hashtags - which might have totally worked for them. But writing an entire blog post on how they did it and how everyone else should do it to? Maybe a little much. Hard to say. Different things work for different people. 

It's hard to believe that using hashtags could work against you. If using a clump of hashtags in the comment after an Instagram post makes someone look desperate - then so be it! To me it says they care about growing their following and are interested in getting engagement. 

Suggestions on how to use #hashtags:

Come up with one (or a few) unique hashtags for your brand.

Whether your brand is a blog, small business or just simply an Instagram account. Categorize your posts with hashtags. We started using #hellogoodread on Twitter when we read something we like and tweet about it. 

Use "the clump" if it works for you.

If you see a rise in following or feel like you're getting more traction from putting hashtags as a first comment - go for it. Test the waters. See what works. Now that Instagram uses the [more...] option on a post maybe you'll find putting the hashtags at the end of the post will work better. Trial and error.

Store hashtags in your Notes app.

Now that Instagram uses [...] in comments there is an easy solution to making that big clump of hashtags to just become [...]. Type it out in your Notes app. Make the first 5 lines bullets with a hard return after each one. It might look something like this.

Use hashtags that fall in your niche.

Obvi. But don't be afraid to keep looking for new ones and refining your hashtag collection. Revise your collection or "clumps" every couple of months.

Speaking of clumps... here are some good ones to copy and paste into your notes on your phone.

#thatsdarling #thehappynow #pursuepretty #abmhappylife #flashesofdelight #petitjoys #livethelittlethings #howyouglow #wandeleurspark #instagood #iamtheeverygirl #chooselovely

Home Decor
#livecolorfully #abmathome #dscolor #instahome

Desk + Tech
#onmydesk #shoplocal #mycreativebiz #girlboss #creativityfound #fromwhereiwork #calledtobecreative

#keepitwild #mytinyatlas #liveauthentic #finditliveit #dametraveler #exploremore

These are just a few to break down how you might store the tags in your phone. There are so many hashtags out there. As you find them, keep track of them in your notes app. I have a clump I use for my little weiner dog (Kevin) on my personal account.

Find what works for you! That's the moral of the #hashtag story.