How To Not Butcher Your New Brand

We build brands for small businesses. It's so fun! You can check out our brand design infographic back here or a couple of our clients here and here

One thing that clients love about getting a full brand overhaul is that we provide them with a large Dropbox folder filled to the brim with all their logos, colors, design patterns, social media images, etc. It's like a little slice of branding heaven. But, what do you do once you have all these pieces... AND you're not a graphic designer? Great question.

Here's our suggestions on do's and the don't's and how to work with your new beautiful branding.

DO... stick to the color palette.

We provide a style guide (as do many other talented designers) for you to see your brand in a very visual form. This is just the beginning of your brand. There's a reason we give you the color (HEX) codes. That way you can use your color palette effectively as you begin to evolve your new brand. Even if you don't use Photoshop or Illustrator there are most all programs work with HEX color codes. 

DON'T... stretch your images.

It's like fingers to a chalkboard seeing a beautifully designed logo that someone has taken and stretched out of proportion. 

*Monkey with hands over his eyes emoji*

Quick Tip: Most programs you might work with will allow you to stretch your logo (or any image) proportionately by holding down the shift key as you drag the image from the corner.

DO... Use multiple logo variations.

Our branding boards come with logo variations to help give you an exceptional brand presence. Use all the logo options! It's good to have a "go-to" logo but you also want use a more compact social logo and a watermark at the very least. 

DON't... use low resolution images.

If you resize and save an image over and over again it becomes distorted which can result in low resolution. Yuck. Don't make this mistake. I can't speak for others, but I know we provide our clients with a variety of sizes and all high resolution logos and design elements for them to use any way they'd like. Use the high resolution images, always. Don't save over them so that you always have a fresh high res logo to go to in case you need it.

Lastly, DO YOUR RESEARCH. There are like 10,398,423 resources for bloggers on Pinterest all about starting a brand, launching a brand, how to expand your brand, etc. It's pretty overwhelming but it's worth doing your research and when in doubt, ask questions. If you don't know, someone probably does.

Would love to hear some of the best tips to tricks you've learned about using your brand for the better!