Free Instagram Stories Templates

If you use Insta Stories - this is for you! Yeah... it's basically free content. Who doesn't love free content? You know when people upload cool custom images to their Insta Story? It looks so good... doesn't it?

Well, we've made some for you! Stop trying to fiddle around with making some in Photoshop or Canva. Here you go. Our gift to you!



Instagram will only allow you to upload an image to your story if it has been saved to your phone in the last 24 hours. If you've already saved it to your phone once and want to use it again, use the Dropbox app! Before you export, rename the file and export. This will allow you to upload the image again onto your story.


Click on the link below to save the image to your phone to upload straight to your Instagram story.

If you like these, tell us! We'll make more to share with you. One last thing... will you pin this image below?