Introducing... The Hub

Man, oh man, has this been a long time coming. We've been planning and plotting and trying to figure out the best possible way to answer all the question of our clients and create the best possible experience we can for them. We decided a "client resource center" was necessary. But, that's a boring name for something that contains A LOT of fun and exciting stuff. We're calling it... The Hub!

So, what's in The Hub and why do you care?

We actually have two different hubs - one for brand design projects and one for Squarespace design project. If you are .a brand and web client - you'll get access to both. Right now, just the brand design hub is ready. We're still putting the finishing touches on the SS edition.

Here's what you'll find in the hub:

1. A password protected page

This information is for HBI clients only. You will only get access once you've started your journey with us. However, once you're in - you're in. You'll have access forever, which means you can get access to new material as it gets rolled out long after we've finished your project.

2. Week by week PDF guides

Once you get started with us, you know we send you our weekly to-do's for both you and us. We even have mapped out little weekly calendars to make sure the project stays on track and you launch your brand on time! You'll have access to all 4 weeks of the brand design process so you can see what will happen each week and where we are at in the process at any given time.

3. Examples

If you've never been through this process, you have no idea what to expect! So, we've provided you with examples of different brands, their final products and a breakdown of each using a style guide. Super helpful!

4. Printable lists

We've created and designed lists just for you as you launch your brand. We've got daily lists, weekly lists and even launching action plan lists. Super simple. Super easy.


We have all kinds of videos for you to that show you how to start implementing your new brand! We've been doing this long enough that we know those common questions. We've kept track of them and now we've found this fabulous way to answer them for you before you may even have them. Wanna know how to install your new fonts? There's a video for that. Need to know how to create the best possible Pinterest board? There's also a video for that! The best part? All the videos are short and sweet.

So, what do you say? Are you ready to jump on board.