Official #hellowebworkshop Recap

Whew! Things have been a tad quiet around here lately, and we bet you're probably wondering why. Here at Hello Big Idea we have been so incredibly busy with some really exciting adventures that we can't wait to share with you. At the top of that list is our very first Hello Web Workshop!

A long time in the making, we had an idea to empower entrepreneurs and small businesses by bringing a new website building experience right to their fingertips. Since we are based in Kansas City it seemed natural to pair creatives in the area with our very own Squarespace templates, alongside our team for a 2-day hands-on workshop that packs a punch for the value! While we won't divulge here with every step of the workshop in full, we did want to share more about how the workshop flows from our perspective.

We paired up with the wonderful Kristen of Eat Drink Stitch as the home-base for our first workshop. Our tables were perfectly adorned in true HBI fashion with beautiful floral arrangements provided by Emmy-Ray Studio / The Bloom Academy The light was incredibly dreamy and the creative energy within the Bauer building downtown was undeniable.


The first workshop day started with breakfast and a few introductions, followed by a quick Squarespace crash-course, but after that we were off to the races! Time to GSD.

 Attendees get down to business right away on the first workshop day.

Attendees get down to business right away on the first workshop day.

We were so incredibly impressed by all of our attendees and how they arrived at the workshop with their website copy prepared and had a general idea of their brand voice. Clearly they had all done their homework and had maybe even read this recent blog post of ours ;-) Some badass ladies after our own hearts, for sure.

 Behind the scenes as Lauren captures the photo below.

Behind the scenes as Lauren captures the photo below.

Not only did our attendees jump right in with our instruction on building their own websites, but the amazingly talented Lauren Frisch Pusateri took time with each attendee during lunch on the first workshop day to snap some beautiful headshots, two of which were delivered during the second workshop day for them to plug right into their sites. The value of this portion of the workshop alone is worth more than the entire ticket price----yup, you read that right! Don't even get us started on the creative cred that comes with featuring photos like this on your website.

 Lauren Frisch Pusateri's beautiful work.

Lauren Frisch Pusateri's beautiful work.

We capped off the first workshop day with attendees having the majority of their website photo templates created and ready to jump into adding copy to their websites! We have learned through this process that by the end of the first day of the workshop the mood in the room tends to be an interesting mix. Some attendees feel overwhelmed, some feel a tad confused by the bigger website picture, and some are totally rocking it. Never fear, workshop attendees! HBI has your back.

Day two, and everyone is well-rested, upbeat and ready to tackle the last day of the workshop and launch their beautiful new websites! We started by revisiting/making last minute tweaks to our Photoshop templates from the previous day, and adding all copy to each website. Next up it was time to have some individual breakout sessions.

While the workshop is designed to be intimate and very hands on, this particular part of the workshop is one that each attendee raved about. Audrey sat with each attendee to help with design elements and stylistic help with Photoshop and images. Maddie worked with each attendee to refine their copy and streamline the wording on each website. Ashley pulled up each website on her desktop Mac while adjusting each template and placement of all website page materials. This is the point in the workshop schedule when the stars began to align, and the excitement in the room becomes legit.

Once the individual breakout sessions were completed and the final tweaks were made, it was time to press LAUNCH, connect each domain, and pop the bubbly!!! We were so excited to sit as a group and cheer on each attendee while celebrating their hard work during the workshop and specific website successes that they had achieved.

One of the most rewarding parts of the workshop ---and also one of our ultimate goals for the workshop---is knowing that each attendee is empowered to build, change, grow, edit, evolve their website as their business grows. Just warms our hearts!

We are confident that 2017 has big things in store for Hello Big Idea, and we are so excited to bring so many more brands to life. If you're ready to take your brand up a notch and take your business to the next level in 2017 our next workshop may be the perfect fit for you.