Make Squarespace Look More Professional


Do you have a Squarespace website? Yay! Then you need to know these five easy tricks that you can try to make it look more professional and polished. There is nothing worse that DIYing your site and having it look like you DIY'd it... are we right?

5 Ways to Make Squarespace More Professional

 1. Add a Favicon.

A favi-what? A favicon is an icon associated with a URL that's displayed in a browser's address bar or next to the site name in a bookmark list.


You see them all the time don't you? You might be wondering "What's the point" "What does it do?" It's true, they are very little things (16px x 16px to be exact), but they show your attention to detail, offer brand recognition and help you stand out from the crowd.

By default your Squarespace places a black square box as your favicon if you don't update it yourself.  Learn how to easily create and upload your own favicon here.

2. Update the footer.

Very similar to a footer in a document, a web footer contains important info, and is displayed at the bottom of your site. Most of the time people use footers to share links to their social media pages, copyright info, links to the site designer and secondary navigation.

HBI's footer:

Website footer

As you can see, you can have some fun with your footer. We added some pretty hand lettering to show off our bubbly personalities. :) Need some assistance updating your footer? This tutorial will help.

3. Update the fonts.

Every Squarespace site includes a selection of high-quality Typekit and Google fonts, which are web-friendly, and most importantly, attractive. Did you know you can change the fonts your site uses very easily in your Style Editor? 

Here at HBI we love pairing elegant fonts with clean, modern fonts to showcase your brand's personality. You should match your fonts to your website's content. For example, if you are an event planner, with mostly female clients, you have some flexibility to use more of a feminine font in your logo (and elsewhere used very sparingly), paired with a more simple header font, followed by an easy to read body font.

Here's an example:

Font pairings

The script font can be used in your logo (website header), the Old Standard font can be used in your copy headings, and the Josefin Sans can be used for body copy. Make sense? Here's a good tutorial on changing your fonts.

4. Add a logo.

This probably goes without saying, but in order for your brand to be taken seriously you NEED a logo. Having a well-designed logo is one of the very most important parts of a brand. If your logo looks like you designed it yourself in Microsoft Word, we promise you that your potential clients will question your ability to deliver your product or service effectively and professionally. 

Here at HBI logo design is one of our specialties. Take a peek at a handful of our faves:

Custom logo design

We'd love to design a logo that sets you apart and perfectly reflects your brand's personality. 

5. Don't use generic stock photography. 

We mean it! Anyone can spot a generic stock photo from a mile away. We suggest investing in some custom photography to really let your brand shine. While the cost might be more in the short-term, the results will be 100% worth it...we promise.

For example here is a photo of some of our staff. Look at all of those fun personalities. Don't you totally just want to hang out with us?

Staff photo

Now take a look at this "staff" stock photo. It couldn't be more obvious that these are paid models who have nothing to do with your business or brand.

Don't use stock photos

Need we say more? Hope not. 

But what if you can't afford a big photo session (yet). We recommend Stocksy! Images are around $30 but that's cheaper than a $500 photography session and they have a pretty good database of stellar photographs.

Need some photography suggestions? We adore Lauren, who recently shot our new brand images. Sometimes the photos can drive the direction of a brand, and that's a beautiful thing.

Do you have anything to add to the list?

What have you added to your Squarespace
site to make it more professional?