Squarespace Templates and Our DIY Themes

It's no lie around here that we are completely #teamsquarespace around here. We love it. We build all of our websites on it. We often times tell potential clients - "this platform is the perfect way for us to build our business because it's just difficult or overwhelming enough if you are going in there and doing it yourself, but once we've done all the hard work for you, it's SO easy to update yourself." 

Plus, who wants to pay a company or person every time they want to make an update to their site? Or login to the backend of your website and have NO idea how to update it yourself? Nah, not us and we're guessing, not you either. 

So what is a Squarespace template? 

Templates are what every single Squarespace site is built on - all of them. SS isn't like WordPress where you can install your own with a simple upload. Which, can be frustrating for those moving from the WP platform, because that's what they are used to.

When you first sign up for a Squarespace account they make you pick a template. 

Squarespace even thinks they are being super helpful and give you a list of categories to help you narrow down the best template for you. That MIGHT be helpful but what you need to know is that actually some of these are the same template, they've just styled them differently and placed a new name on them. Some may call these Squarespace families. This breakdown on Using My Head is super helpful if you care to get into all the different functionality option for each template/family.

What is a HBI Squarespace theme?

Now... to make life a little easier, we've made what we like to call Squarespace "themes". Perhaps you've seen them in our shop. Here's a few, if you haven't seen them yet.

These are themes we've created that are easy for you to install and design a unique style vs. the generic Squarespace template.

We provide you with:

  • PDF Guide
  • Photoshop Files

  • Step-by-Step Installation Videos

  • PLUS, a little something extra for when you launch!

You'll get a super secret password to a page on our site that will give you access to 5 instructional videos to help you duplicate the theme yourself. Easy to do and learn how to update your own site the entire way.

The benefits of one of our themes:

  • Easy to install and update yourself! Learn tips and tricks about Squarespace you might have never known otherwise.
  • Make it your own with your brand and photography.
  • Walk through video tutorials at your own pace.
  • We make Photoshop easy! And even provide you with premade files with easily labeled layers.
  • Access to our team via email to help answer questions or troubleshoot as necessary.

What do you say - are you in? Ready to up your SS game with a DIY Theme?