10 Ideas for Using Your Brand's Patterns

We love creating badass patterns as part of our clients’ brand collateral package.  These patterns continue the feeling of a brand and add a little extra pop.  Every time you use your branding and patterns you are establishing a deeper sense of brand recognition. 

Here are ten ideas on different ways to implement them.

1.    Website Additions

Nothing makes us happier than to see business with an interesting header or footer on their website.  Utilizing this space is a great idea!  Use a bold use for the header and maybe something a little more subtle for the footer.

2.    PDFs

Spice up your PDFs, invoices, etc with your patterns.  Use those babies on the top as a border or a framing device.  These little extra touches keep your brand consistent and says that you care about the smallest details.

3.    Flip Side

Everyone loves a good backside…especially on your business’ printed items!  A double-sided business card with your logo/information on one side and one of your patterns on the other is a bold choice that will stand out. 

4.    Stationery

Who doesn't like getting mail?!?!  Use your new patterns to create some fabulous stationery, or we can help you!  Design a post card for the holidays or a thank you card for business.  Every time you use your patterns and color palette you are keeping your brand consistent and strengthening your brand identity.

5.    Go Shopping

Like we have to convince you!  Make a mousepad, print a coffee cup or maybe a tote bag to carry everything to your client meetings.  Don’t be afraid to play with the scale of the patterns.  We have used Zazzle and Vistaprint in the past.  Purchase some giveaways for a raffle or contest on social media.

6.    Print Wrapping Paper

Printing some wrapping paper has too many uses to list but here are a few.  If your business sells products you now have branding to carry over into your wrapping.   You can DIY some envelope liners from the paper and wrap up those give aways you just purchased!

7.    Photo Staging Area

Use some of that wrapping paper to create a photo staging area.  Mount some of your pattern to some foam board and get ready to spice up your Instagram posts!  It makes the perfect background for products or turns a quick shot of your Monday coffee into a cohesive story about your brand.

8.     Surround Yourself

Live in your brand.  Print wallpaper or fabric to decorate your office. Even if you are working from home, print a backdrop for your desk.  Channel your inner Martha Stewart and sew a pillow for your desk chair with your new fabric.  We recommend Spoonflower.

9.    Get Social

Some of our clients create sneak peeks of their websites/new products with software like Canva using their patterns as a frame.  Quotes pertaining to your business are fantastic to add to your posting schedule.  Why not take that quote and overlay it on one of your patterns?!

10.  Blog blog blog!

Just like this very post! Make a shareable image for your blog post and include your patterns.