10 Reasons To Use Squarespace

It's not a secret that we are completely #teamsquarespace around here. We build all of our sites on the platform for a lot of different reasons. But, if you needed just a little bit more convincing - here's 10 reasons to use the Squarespace platform.

1.  Super easy-to-use and intuitive platform.

Yes yes yes! Like anything, it's going to take some training or learning but it's intuitive and easy to learn. Once you get the hang of adding and editing content blocks it really is super easy. We always tell people it's the perfect platform for us to design on because it's hard enough to just start from scratch but once it's designed for you, updating it yourself is super easy.

2. Mobile responsive design.

It's always so amazing when I hit a site that isn't mobile responsive. After being amazed my second thought is, "I wonder what's stopping them from moving to Squarespace?".  It could be a lot of reasons but the bottom line is Squarespace is responsive. They even offer a little dropdown at the top of your editing screen to see your site in three different views - mobile, tablet and desktop. This helps make sure your site looks beautiful on all devices.

3. Affordable monthly or annual pricing plans.

Squarespace is your all-in-one answer to your domain/hosting dreams. You even get a free custom domain with your package! You no longer need that hosting package with BlueHost or GoDaddy - Squarespace does it for you, and all at a really affordable price. You can setup a website for as low as $12 a month (paid annually). 


4. Easy-to-setup and integrated SEO.

One of the most fabulous things about Squarespace is the optimization that comes with the platform. SS places you on at a great starting point for some positive SEO. However, there are definitely some things you can do to help out your SEO. We wrote a blog post about those things back here.

5. Super fab analytics and site metrics.

On the left side of your Squarespace dashboard when you login is an option for Analytics. They offer a ton of different ways to breakdown what's being seen on your site, who's seeing it, how they are seeing it, when they are seeing it, etc. You can hook up Google Analytics if you want to. However, it's nice that these built-in analytics are easily accessible and not hard to figure out.

6. Content blocks instead of clunky plugins.

Okay... we're biased and calling plugins "clunky" is probably ridiculous. However, there is no need for them with Squarespace. content blocks are amazing and offer you a wide array of flexibility with what you can place on your site and where you can place it. Want to add your instagram feed? There's a content block for that!

7. E-commerce functionality.

Whether you're starting an online boutique or simply wanting to sell your service package online - Squarespace can do it! You'll want to sign-up for a business account but it's worth it. You can set up shop, add products and create an easy and seamless checkout for your user.

8. Diverse selection of templates.

Squarespace provides a variety of template options for you to choose from when you get started. If you're overwhelmed by the options or are paralyzed by which one to choose a few of our favorites are Fulton/Pacific or Brine/Nueva. 

9. Access to CSS Editor.

This is where we love to CUSTOMIZE! If you have a little bit of CSS coding knowledge this can be incredibly helpful for you. Add your own CSS and create a custom look. The CSS editor is robust and easily accesible.

10. MailChimp integration for digital marketing.

Integrate your email list directly into Squarespace. Add a newsletter content block and setup your MailChimp account for storage. This will feed all new list sign-ups or opt-ins to your list on MailChimp. No need to import a list manually!

What do you think? Are you sold yet?