3 Tips To Better Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads - these things are powerful stuff. But let's be honest, when you get into that Ads Manager backend it's a total hot mess of blah blah campaign, blah results, delivery, ad set, blah blah blah. Say whaaaaat?

First and foremost if you haven't setup an Ads Manager account - do it. If you're selling something (products, services, courses, etc.) Facebook ads can be a powerful tool for making sales. Seriously. Did you know you can target people who like other pages? Or just people who have visited your website in the last 30, 60, 90 or up to 180 days? Maybe you even want to target a specifically as the people just on your email list. Make sure your ads are popping up in the right feeds - the feeds of people who are going to click AND buy.

Here's three tips to better Facebook Ads:

1. Install your Facebook Pixel.

Have you done this yet? This is where the magic happens. This is how you can get real REAL creepy with your Facebook ads. Have you ever just been on a website and then all of a sudden their ads start popping up in your Facebook feed? That's no accident. That's very strategic by the company or website you were shopping on. 

At the top under Ads Manager is where you can find all the good stuff that you need to find with Facebook Ads. To install your pixel go to 'Pixels' under Assets. Facebook will provide you with a piece of code that you'll need to install on your website. If you're on Squarespace this is super easy. Copy the code and paste under Settings > Advanced > Code Injection. Paste the code in the Header section.

2. Create quality audiences that convert

When you're setting up an ad one of the most important things are your premade audiences. Who are you targeting? Target those people who have visited your website AND those who LOOK LIKE those who have visited your website.

Create at least THREE audiences. When you click on 'Create Audience' there are three different options - Custom, Lookalike and Saved.

create (at least) TWO Custom Audiences

  1. Website Traffic - based on everyone in the last 60-180 days (you choose how far back!).

  2. Customer File (from your email newsletter subscribers). Import from MailChimp or copy and paste your data from a file - either works!

Create at least one lookalike audience

  • Create a lookalike audience based off of your Website Traffic audience. This will take your Website Traffic audience and find people that have similarities and present your ad to those people as well. Do all the people visiting your website live in a certain location? Then FB sees that and delivers the ad to similar people in that location. Facebook is smart, huh?

3. Use the Power Editor to create ads.

Facebook Ads Manager has all the blue buttons all over that tempt you to create your ads in a variety of different ways. Don't fall for those call-to-actions. Make sure to create all your ads with the Power Editor. Every Facebook ad is made up of three parts:

  1. Campaign Name - the folder that holds the ad set and the actual ad content. Make your campaign names strategic and organizational. If you're doing monthly ads - name them by month. If the ads are based on seasons - name them by season. Be purposeful - your organization will pay off in the long run.  With the Campaign name you'll choose the TYPE of ad that you will run - if you're pixel is installed, we recommend CONVERSIONS!
  2. Ad Set - this is the part of the ad where you set your audience, budget, schedule, etc. What will your daily reach be? How well defined is your audience? This is where you will figure all that information out.
  3. Ad - This is where the ad creative comes into play. You can create an ad or use an existing post. Take your time and do this right -nothing worse than submitting an ad with an error. Been there, done that.

Have we confused you yet? Hopefully not too much. Keep an eye out for more cool tips on promoting posts and getting the most from your dollars on Facebook.

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