3 Ways To Use Instagram Slideshows

1. Before + After's

Keep the pretty pictures on top but ask your readers to swipe or scroll to see more! Everyone loves a good before and after series. Show your readers how awesome your work is by showing what something looked like before you got your hands on it. 

2. With video explanation

Show your pretty picture first to peak your readers interest and then add a video second to explain more about what you're up to or what you're selling in a short video in the next slide. What a fun way to engage your audience and let them see your face and hear your voice. Plus, it's a great way to start proving your an expert in your niche.

3. Multiple ways

Show one thing, multiple ways. People love options and they love to see multiple options or multiple different ways to do something. Are you an interiors designer? Show a space 3 ways. Are you a graphic design? Show a logo concept in three different versions. 

What are some other ideas and ways you've put the slides into practice?


Here's three ways to use instagram slides to up your #instagame from @hellobigidea.

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