4 Content Strategies That Work

Omg. There are SO many tools and things that the world is telling you - "you need this for your business!". Amiright? So, what you really want to know is what works. What should you use or that? Do you need an email newsletter? Do you need Instagram and Pinterest and a Facebook page? 

Everyone does it differently. Here are the 4 main things that work for us here at HBI. 

1. A blog.

Duh. Because you're reading it, right this second.

Do you need a blog? Well, we think so, but only if you're actually going to use it. If you're not going to use it, a blog can actually work against you. If someone goes to your site and sees the last time you posted was August of 2015 they're going to think you're uncommitted and out of date. When, in reality you might be insanely busy and just don't have the time. Don't send the wrong message.

Brainstorm posts, create drafts and start scheduling out content on your blog. But what should you blog about? Yes, that question. The best answer; use your blog as a resource and a form of education for your clients. Think of the common questions you're asked and there you have it, some of your best content. Plus, when the next client asks the same question you have saved time for yourself and don't have to email a long answer. You can drop something like...

"Omg! So glad you asked. You're not the first person with this very question. I've created a fabulous blog post here that goes into depth about XYZ. There's even a little freebie included!"

You soakin' up what we're spillin'? This makes your life easier and they get their question answered - WIN/WIN!

Also, use your blog to highlight your work. Use it as a portfolio. Create freebies - people love free sh*t.  We could go on and on but you get the gist, right? 

Biggest tip we can give you for a blog - plan ahead! Seems silly. But it's not and it's what works. Plan ahead and keep organized.

2. An email list.

If you have people that are choosing to give you their email address, they want to hear from you. Even if it's just once a month. These people might not be on social media (as often) or they love you so much, they want first dibs. Give it to them.

Plus, an email list is one of the few things you own. Unlike your followers on a social network, you have a list and a way to contact clients and followers even if The Gram or The Book were to once disappear. Even though that's incredibly unlikely, it's worth having a back up plan. 

So what do you put in an email to subscribers? How about some blog posts. Update them with recent happenings. Or, even give them first dibs to big announcements or new things you're rolling out. After all, these readers might be your most loyal followers.


3. Pinterest.

If you're a small creative business and haven't leveraged Pinterest yet and are still wondering why you haven't grown - well, this could be one of the reasons. Pinterest is a the place to be! It's SO visual and weirdly enough, creatives love visual. Even, non-creatives love visual. 

Start creating graphics for your blog that are easily pinnable and start pinning yourself. You can even creative long graphics and images to upload and then link back to your site. You won't regret it!

And lastly, Pinterest is a great way to drive traffic to your site. Authentic clicks to your site are a great way to build SEO. Another, WIN/WIN!

4. A client hub.

This is one of the best things we've ever done for our clients. We have provided them with a password protected page to access inside information about our process. Some exclusive and premium resources that we're not willing to give away "free" on our blog. We can focus on our process and guide them through it seamlessly. Here are some things we include in our hub:

  • A breakdown of the process and what to expect

  • Example style guides of other brands we've built

  • Checklists and authentic resources for launching

  • Social media guides on how to create buzz + free images to post

  • Tons of video tutorials to guide you through your new brand

BUT... what about Instagram?! Yes, we use Instagram often and love it. But, everything on Insta and driven from what's created for these 4 items. Same with Facebook. We're simply sharing whatever is created for one of the above strategies.

Time to go start a blog and make a Pinterest account!