5 Reasons Why Your Website Isn't Bringing In Inquiries

Every business needs inquiries - and not just any inquiries but the ones that are going to become clients and bring in THOSE DOLLA BILLZ! If you are going through a dry spell, here are few items to examine. Here's 5 reasons your inquiries might not be flowing like they should be:


1. You don't update.

We recommend updating your website every 12-18 months. You should update your site as your business grows and technology changes. You can ensure quality inquiries by keeping your site up to date. No one will want to apply if your site seems dated or inaccurate. 

2. You don't share.

No one will get behind you as your biggest cheerleader. You have to do that for yourself. Websites with full SEO give you a good starting point but the more you share and get your site out there the more it will climb in the Google rankings. 

3. You don't have amazing CTAs.

It is extremely off-putting to go to a site, feel interested but not have a clear point of contact. Your reader should know exactly how to get ahold of you! Your site should also have a clear goal. It may be collecting email addresses, getting on the phone with the client, having a reader join your Facebook group or request access to a VIP page. Your call to actions should lead your reader to whatever the main goal of your site is. A CTA action can link to another page or to an outside link. Be strategic and help your reader navigate seamlessly through your site.

4. You don't have a blog.

Blogs are a fantastic way to help build your SEO. You can link to other pages on your site or other blog posts. You can inject keywords and add thumbnail images, titles, captions, and categories to ensure your site is getting hit. Once you have your amazing blog post written, pin an image to Pinterest and share on Facebook. The more you share, the more you will grow.

5. Your copy sucks.

Eek, this is the worst and we all want to think our copy is great. However, some copy can make you cringe. Try and think about your TARGET MARKET! It is not everyone! Who is your business really aimed at and does your copy speak to them? Take this little nugget of advice: Your website copy should be like a lady's skirt. Long enough to cover everything and short enough to keep things interesting.