4 Things Our Clients Do That We Love

This post might also be titled 'How To Be A Dream Client'. You see... we've worked with a lot of people at this point and for the most part they are amazing people and clients and we have genuinely loved working with them. But, as creatives we have all experienced the clients that are really frustrating and suck the life and creative energy out of a project. (That sounds really harsh, but it's really true.)

We have started to see a trend with our most wonderful clients and their behaviors. When they do the following four things their project is timely, it stays on track and as a result the end product out-of-this-world awesome. Naturally, we'd like to share those items with you because they might just be the nuggets of information you need to keep your own project queue rolling smoothly. 

They communicate appropriately and effectively.

No Facebook messenger. They don't send 18 emails. They don't start new email strands. They are efficient, poised in their communication skills, and they gather their thoughts and ideas before firing off email after email with a random thought here and another random idea there. And very importantly, they respond to emails in a timely fashion. Nothing worse than a project that drags out because of big giant gaps between emails. We all know momentum is key to creativity.

They do their homework.

Starting a business and building a website is new to many (but not all) of our clients. The dream ones have done their research and have all the little pieces in place before they dive into a website. We aren't asking them to have every detail figured out, but we do expect them to have a pretty darn clear vision of what they want and where they are headed, all while letting us be creative (see final point below). They familiarize themselves with our process, with Squarespace and what they want for their own brand.

Feel free to jump on the 'get your ducks in a row' bandwagon and check out this post we wrote called What To Do Before Designing Your Website

They provide killer feedback.

When we send over a proof or a first peek at a website, our very best clients take it in but don't respond back immediately (unless it's "I LOVE IT!!!!" of course). They can answer the questions - what do you like about this or what do you not like about this? They can articulate feedback that is helpful and informative and can be put into action. And most importantly, they can tell us why they do or don't like something not just that they do or don't like it.

They let us create.

If there were emoji's allowed in this blog post we would put the one with two hands in the air right *here*. Dream clients lay a wonderful foundation for us to launch from but they let us do what we do best... which is create! Our most mind-blowing, awesome, incredible projects are so amazing because those clients trusted us. They didn't try to control us or lay too much foundation for us at the beginning. There is a happy medium that exists in the foundation laying process. We need to know ideas and big dreams inside a clients head but we just need the foundation, not the whole house.

4 things that @hellobigidea clients do that are totally awesome.

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