Creating a Clear Brand Voice

Does my brand need a voice?

If you have a website or social media platforms - the answer to the question above is "yes!".

A brand voice is one of the largest factors in how your brand "feels" to readers a.k.a potential clients on your website and social media. This voice will ultimately guide you to deliver clear and concise messaging to your followers consistently online.

Why is this important? It's only important if you plan on retaining followers and creating a brand of value. And, we're guessing those are two things that you probably want to do.

Your brand voice is important if you plan on retaining followers and creating a brand of value.

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Imagine you had a friend who acted/talked/looked differently every single time you met up. That inconsistency makes it nearly impossible to build a relationship with you, the same exact way that a consistent brand voice is attempting to build a relationship with your followers. Got it? Let's move forward.


Take a moment and imagine your brand was a living, breathing human being. What does your brand sound like? What is the tone your brand uses when talking? Where does your brand shop? Now pause for a second. If you think that your brand has an uncanny likeness to your own self, you're probably onto something. But keep in mind that we are not thinking at all about your target client right now, just focusing solely on your brand as a person. The entire point of this exercise is to ensure that when your brand is communicating with the followers (on your website, facebook, instagram, etc.) that you're writing as your brand person would talk, and thus connecting with your followers in a strong, consistent, clear way that they can come to expect.

Now, Imagine your brand and a customer in an elevator together. How would they converse? In a serious tone, or light-hearted wit? Would your brand just want to be friends or expect an immediate action (like the purchase of a membership or product) to continue talking? Does the voice you imagined for your brand communicate effortlessly and naturally---like old friends---with your brands ideal client? If not, you may want to quickly revisit the paragraph above.

To put some perspective on this exercise let's take a moment to do a quick case study.  Take a quick second to think about the brands you love on social media, brands you love to see scroll across your feed. Choose 2 or 3 of your favorites and compare them together. Do most of their posts flow together stylistically? Are they posting consistently? Do they use the same tone and language when posting? Chances are, they are doing all of these things! They are delivering a strong, clear message utilizing keywords from their brand voice every single time they post. Subconsciously over time your mind logs notes on how to understand them, and what to expect of them. They have ultimately gained your trust through this process and begin to develop a relationship with you via their brand voice. Mind. Blown.

A strong brand voice allows you to craft a message that delivers clear, consistent, expected information which stands out beautifully amongst the noisy world we live in.

Take a moment to define your brand voice.

We have created a short exercise that will guide you through creating or reviewing your brand voice. Grab yourself a cup of coffee, and get started!

Once your mission and voice have been refined and tested, you can pat yourself on the back for a job well done! Now what?

We recommend keeping the 10 keywords above, and your powerful mission statement near your work space as a constant reminder to utilize your brand keywords when creating content like social media posts, blog posts, and more. After a bit of time you will likely see an increase in engagements and followers as your clients and customers begin to notice a trend in what to expect from you and your business (and we definitely recommend doing a little happy dance over that point!)


Imagine your brand as a physical person. How do they talk to others?

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