Good. Fast. Cheap.

We hate to break it too you, but turns out the saying is true. You CAN'T have your cake and eat it too. Whomp whomp. But you can have two-thirds of your cake to eat.

In the creative world there is a little saying that we run across often that goes like this...

Good, Fast, Cheap... pick two. 

good fast cheap - hello big idea- design advice

So here are your options…

Good & Fast

Prepare yourself for that invoice because this baby is going to cost you. Everyone needs good design but creating is a process. Speeding up that process means you will have to pay more to convince your designer that it is worth the effort.

Fast & Cheap

Your invoice is totally manageable and the timeline was fast. Everything is great until you notice the quality has suffered. We pride ourselves on not giving this option but you will find designers in the world that need to turn a fast profit. We would advise to not place yourself in this situation because we have found most clients end of paying more money later for someone else to redo the work.

 Good & Cheap

These ideas are beautifully executed and did not cost an arm and a leg but the timeline will be LENGTHY. We suspect you probably have a designer friend helping out in this situation because this can be rare.  

THE UNICORN: Good, Cheap, & Fast

The blunt truth - it does not exist. And if you find it, it’s just might be too good to be true.

Our Advice

Our advice is to research a designer or agency that is best for you and your business. Look at their style, portfolio, and process. Find out all the nitty-gritty details about revisions, timeline, and extra costs. In our opinion, don't be afraid to spend money on your business. While ANY business cost is an investment we think you are worth it!