Writing Your Business Manifesto

Accomplishing a strong brand is essential. We have written about that here and here but there are always steps you can take to develop your business once you have an established brand.

So, to clarify what we do and how we do it - we wrote a manifesto and you should to!

A manifesto tells your customers and clients what you do and why you do it. It is a declaration of your business’ core values and it is one more piece that sets your company apart. It allows you to make a promise to your customers and clients while clarifying your goals.

Your manifesto can be traditional or non-traditional. The HBI manifesto falls in the category of non-traditional because we are pretty laid back and toss around bad words like confetti. There is no exact formula for a business’ manifesto however they typically contain a few common denominators. They include your business’ intentions, opinions and vision. Ultimately, the marker of success for a manifesto rests on if the reader understands your business/brand more after reading it. It should give them some serious feels. Once your audience feels something, they are more likely to connect to your brand and this will increase your business’ success.

Some Steps to Making Your Own

Look at other manifestos for inspiration.

Stop looking at other manifestos so your creativity is not limited and get to brainstorming.

Jot down some ideas.

Write your first draft.

Check it for grammar, misspelled words, etc.

Put your manifesto away and reflect (is it your manual for life, do you/your business live it?).

Make some revisions and write the final draft.

Publish it.

We used the opportunity to make our manifesto a beaut because that is what we love to do. Do not feel pressured to master graphic design overnight, you can always keep things simple. Lastly, remember your business is not a stagnate entity and neither should be your manifesto. Set a goal to evaluate your manifesto once a year to make updates if necessary.

Parts to A manifesto

 The Intro. 

Introduce yourself! Tell them who you are and what you do. 

The location.

Where do you reside? Online? In the boonies?

The relatable action.

Find a way to relate to your reader. Keep it real.

The why.

Tell them why you do what you do.


Check out ours!



Your manifesto makes a great video script, too.