#hellowebworkshop: en.sem.ble boutique

Kassie Murphy

Business Name: en.sem.ble
Theme Used: Modern

Kassie is a Kansas City girl with a big dream! She is in the process of opening and starting an online boutique for women to find inspired and refined style. She knew she needed a website that she would be able to update and use efficiently.

If you’re on the fence about whether this workshop is for you - just sign up already! I promise you won’t regret it. I was in the process of starting an online boutique and found Hello Big Idea on Instagram. I signed up for the workshop not even understanding how to put my logo on my Squarespace template. After spending just two days with Hello Big Idea and an intimate group of motivated and inspired fellow entrepreneurs, I was blown away by the website I had created all on my own! The sense of accomplishment and pride you gain from seeing your vision come to life is indescribable. Having a business based solely online, it was crucial that my website make an impression and there is no doubt that yours will if you choose to work with this group of fabulous women! This workshop and Hello Big Idea are invaluable to growing or starting your business. You will walk away with a badass website and a renewed sense of confidence in yourself and your business. Don’t miss out on this!
— Kassie of en.sem.ble boutique