Insta Ethics

We sparked a challenge earlier this year with our followers on Instagram inviting them to grow their own audience. How? By posting at least twice a day! This may be a lot of work but definitely worth it for your business. But then we got to thinking ... What if people are worried about being an #InstaBitch while working on their posts? So here are some Dos and Don'ts for one of our favorite social platforms to make sure everyone has good form. ๐Ÿ™Œ

Rule #1

Apply the same social rules you use in person. That may look different for everyone but let's assume everyone is a polite, kind and generally pleasant person. Keep that mindset in mind as you post.

Rule #2

Be Selective. Follow people that you admire and who inspire you. Don't be compelled to follow someone only because they follow you. You may think this is surprising but curate who you follow with the same consideration as you curate your feed. 

Rule #3

Speaking of followers, don't Don't DON'T pull a one night stand. Let's pretend you get a new follower and you immediately follow back. Within a day, you are dropped like a rock. Don't be this person - no one likes this person.

Rule #4

Be flattered if someone took the time to write a comment on your post and thank them right away. Bonus points for writing something more than, โ€œThanks!โ€ Imagine you texted someone to congratulate them on a new job and they either didn't respond or responded 4 weeks later. Ick.

Rule #5

Create quality content. No one likes spam. Spam can mean 84 repetitive posts on the same day or oversharing. Every time you post, ask yourself does this represent my brand and business to the best of my ability? If you want to vent about Grams but you run an interior design business it may be best to keep that on a personal account. Also, stop shit talking your Grandma.

Rule #6

Don't buy followers. It is icky - are you catching a pattern here? If it seems like it would be an odd thing to do in person, then it won't fly on social media either. After all, you can't buy friends in real life or if you do they won't show up when you are really sick and need a friend to bring you tissues and meds. Don't be tempted to break rule #6, it's not worth it!

Rule #7

Regramming - this is a touchy one. We suggest airing on the side of caution here. Consider asking permission from the original account and respect their answer even if it isn't yes. However if you do choose to Regram, don't do it too much. That breaks rule #5 about creating quality content since it doesn't belong to you. If you do Regram, give a shoutout to the original account through BOTH a credit and a tag. Do NOT ever edit anyone else's work with a crop, filter, etc. If you don't know the original source for a post, do not post it.

Rule #8

Use smart hashtags. We advise not using hashtags like #followback #followme #instafollow, #l4l (Like for like) or #tagforlikes. It can look a little desperate. Research tags that make sense for you and your business. 

Those are a lot of things to keep in mind but we know you can do it. Try posting twice a day this month and watch your biz grow! 

Happy posting!