NYC: A Squarespace Styled Theme

Welcome to New York City! This styled site theme is ready and waiting for you and your brand. We built this theme with bloggers, stylists, influencers and designers in mind.

So, what is a “styled site”?

We created this type of site for those on a bit more of a budget or those who are just starting out. These are “premade” layouts that we designed that we “style” with your brand, copy and photography in just two weeks.

Password | hellobigidea

Pros to a styled site:

  • Great for those whom are just starting out and need structure to create their copy.

  • A fast turnaround from when we start building - just two weeks!

  • Easy to update once we are finished with no Photoshop - we’ll invite you to the Canva files that you can access and use once we’re done.

Here’s a full home page layout:

About page


Blog Page

Contact Page

Offerings/Sales Page


NYC is designed for:

  • Bloggers

  • Designers

  • Stylists

  • Influencers

  • Content Creators

You provide:

  • Copy

  • Branding

  • Photography


  • You’ll be provided with all Canva files and links when we are done.

  • All images are free from and you can use on your site.