Personify Your Brand

We are going to do a little exercise today. But not with free weights because today is our rest day and we already opened a beer. We are going to do a fun exercise so you can learn how to personify your brand. If you are following us or have worked with us before, we assume you are already killing it with your branding, web presence and social media but a strong brand personification can gain customer loyalty, followers, interest and trust.

Brand personification is a research technique that gives your business human qualities. Customers and clients cannot relate as well to a brand or business but they can relate to a story, person or feeling. Your brand should have a memorable and strong personality. This personality sometimes includes a character that speaks for your business. One of our favorites is illustrator Julie Houts’ rat subconscious. Other times a brand personality focuses on the brand’s voice. All brands may not need a character but they all need a consistent voice and that’s where we can help!

 So grab a pen and paper, a drink (since we already got started here 🍺 😉 ), and sit down for our Hello Big Idea branding exercise!

Imagine your brand is a person and answer these questions.

Keep in mind that your brand is Not Always You.

  • Does your brand have a gender? If so, which?

  • How old is he/she?

  • Who is their icon?

  • Where do they work?

  • What are their interests?

  • What do they do on the weekend?

  • What kind of music do they listen to?

  • What kind of transportation do they use?

  • What is their drink of choice?

  • What magazines does he/she read?

Now create a little bio about them from your questions in paragraph form.

Hello Big Idea is a lady that can hang with the boys while wearing a pink ball cap. She is a young professional but would say profesh because she doesn’t take herself to seriously and loves to shorten words at her whim. She sometimes pulls all nighters at her design studio alternating between beer and coffee. She is like if Jennifer Lawrence and Jimmy Fallon had a love child. You can spot her on the Streetcar or her car by the KC local stickers. Her not so secret obsessions are getting her nails painted and reading design blogs. 

Last create a Pinterest moodboard for them and post it by your work station so it’s always on your mind. Here is an example!



Keep your newly generated bio and Pinterest moodboard in mind every time you write something for your business. It should all be written like this person would talk. Use the opportunity to inject their sense of humor or include events they would attend. Keep that voice in mind and have fun!