Why Photoshop Is Worth The Small Investment

Photoshop - maybe you already have it or maybe you've been thinking about getting it.  Do you feel overwhelmed thinking about learning how to use it? Let us tell you why it's worth the small investment.

Yes, Photoshop takes time and energy to learn, but it's pretty user friendly, and pays off very quickly. Good news...you don't have to be an expert to use it, and there are so many FREE training tutorials out there to walk you through any issue you run into. We still Google how to do things all the time and we have definitely used our fair share of tutorials to learn new things (ain't no shame!).

If social media is important for your brand (and it totally should be), Photoshop gives you the ability to create customized graphics, brighten photos and better branded images. Photoshop is a bit of an investment at $20 a month, but they offer a free 7-day trial so you can check it out before you commit. Win, win!

What can you do with Photoshop?

With Photoshop, you have the ability to work across desktop and mobile devices to create and enhance your photographs, web and mobile app designs, 3D artwork, videos, and so much more.


  • Remove unwanted objects from photos
  • Fix and perfect skin issues
  • Color correction of photos
  • Make images more vibrant, warmer, cooler, etc.
  • Restore old photos
  • Correct images that are lacking quality

Resize and Crop

  • Create perfectly sized digital banners, social media images, and more
  • Crop a photo to any size with ease
  • Make a photo perfectly sized for your blog or website so it loads quickly

Create Branded Materials

  • Using layers to create a branded templates for pinnable graphics, ads, social media posts (use templates file to maintain brand consistency)
  • Add a watermark to photos
  • Create graphics for emails and other marketing materials
  • Modernize your web site graphics

Create Video

  • Easily create video for social media
  • Include transitions and effects that give finished videos professional polish

5 Ways We Use Photoshop

1. Website Graphics

We build a lot of website banners or supporting images with Photoshop. If you don't know how to do this but are interested in learning, our DIY Squarespace Themes might be a good fit for you. We provide you with all the pre-made Photoshop files and show you (via video tutorial) how to edit them and make them your own.

2. Blog Post Graphics

Like the one you see above! We actually keep a "template" of 4 different layouts for blog post images in a Photoshop (.psd) file for easy access. We "batch" these graphics. Meaning we export about 20 at a time. 

3. Website Launch Gifs (Videos)

Have you seen any of the cool videos we've done with social? Especially for when we launch big websites. We plan to have a blog post "how-to" on this soon. All these are made in Photoshop.

4. Editing Photography

When we shoot some of our own photography, we use photoshop to brighten, sharpen and enhance the images.

5. Social Media Images

Almost any graphic with a logo or handwriting that you see of ours on social media was probably made in Photoshop. Sometimes we batch these designs as well. This helps us get a head and always have options in or Planoly feed to post to Instagram.

Here's a quick video that introduces our 5 most used tools and how to use layers. 


Are you a Photoshop fan? What's your favorite part?

If not have you been interested in trying it? We highly suggest you use the free trial so you can give it a try.