Pinterest Tips To Help Build A Moodboard

A moodboard? Why do you need one? Well, we've addressed that question back here. So now that we know why you need one as you get started with your brand, let's break down how you can build the best possible moodboard you can using Pinterest.

You've created a board on Pinterest - private or public - your preference. Now, let's start pinning things to create the first visual idea for your brand. Start browsing and figuring out what you like for your brand - while you do so answer these questions.

Questions to ask yourself:

  1. Do you simply just like the pin or does it actually represent your brand?
  2. If your brand were an outfit style, what would it be? Structured blazer and pumps? Flannel with ripped casual jeans?
  3. If your brand were a room, what would it look like? An eclectic office? A trendy apartment loft? 
  4. What typography represents your brand? Handlettering? Simple modern lines?
  5. What patterns might mesh with your style? Floral and stripes? Hand drawn lines and geometric shapes?

What not to pin:

  • Other branding
  • Lots of different styles
  • Every single color
  • Blog post graphics

Other branding

Brand boards exist all over Pinterest but when you're brainstorming and pinning for your own brand - leave them off your board. You can be inspired by other branding but you don't want this to be a part of your brand - you want to be original. If you're creating a board for us - we don't want to be inspired by someone else's work. We want to help create something super unique and authentic. 

Lots of different styles

A couple are okay - all of the styles are not okay and super confusing. Your brand can't be everything. Is it preppy and traditional? Eclectic and stylish? Modern and sleek? Think about what patterns and colors go with these different types of styles. Example - Geometric neon shapes form an upbeat party retro style. 

Every Single Color

Colors can break the rules but it helps to that the majority of your colors form the style and feel your brand is going for. Example - Navy blue and green are colors often found in a nautical style. You don't have to have everything perfect on your board but it should all "go".

Blog post graphics

Leave the "how to" and "5 things you should" posts off your moodboard unless the typography is overwhelmingly inspiring. These don't tell a lot about the style of your brand. If you're inspired by the content, make a board just for these kinds of pins.

Pinterest tips:

  • Don't be afraid to use the search feature - break your search down by words that might describe your brand style.
  • Use the recommended words that pop up under your search to see if those help add to your style and search to find the best possible pins that visually represent your brand.
  • The more you search and scroll the more refined your board will be.

Moodboard tips:

  • Pin at least 25-30 different images to create a well-rounded board.
  • After pinning multiple things - go back and look at your board and see if you like the way it looks. Don't like a pin? Don't be afraid to get rid of what's not helping your brand out.
  • Color is important! Even if the prominent colors are black and white - color matters. 

Now go getch-yerself a fancy stylish and well put together moodboard created by you, for you.