5 Tips for Setting the Best Business Goals

Having goals for your business is HELLA important and it is never too late to start implementing them into your biz. But there are some pointers to make sure your goals are helpful. After all, we don't want to have a New Years Eve resolution situation that you abandon by the following quarter. 

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1. Be specific! Try not to be too vague with your goals. Lofty goals can set you up for failure because without specifics you cannot measure any success or failure. Also, use this opportunity to evaluate if your goals have a high value. Brainstorm why the goal is important to you and your business. Prioritize your goals by the most importance which allows you to focus on the steps to accomplish your goal. Once you have your main goals picked out, make them specific. 


I want to blog more for my business.

I want to lose weight and inspire others.

I want to make more money


I will launch a new blog post bi-weekly for the next 12 months.

I will focus on getting healthier and losing 10 pounds in the next 4 months and gain three new fitness clients seeking a coach.

I will raise my business income by 10% by the close of the year.

2. Create or tweak your current process to achieve your goals. Once you have your goals picked out you can evaluate the necessary steps to accomplish them. This may be a road map or a weekly to-do list but this is your call to action. Goals are not hit and ideally surpassed by thinkers. You need to be a THINKER and a DOER. 

3.  Set check-in points and deadlines. This will let you know how well your plans and process are performing. Put dates in your calendar that break up your goal timeline into smaller chunks. This will also allow you to tweak your process as you proceed and make adjustments as necessary.

4. Be accountable. There are a few ways to do this. If you have a team make sure that they know, understand, and are on board with the goals. If the whole team is behind a few common goals it is easier to succeed. If your business is made up of you and your dog (how we started!) you can still find ways to hold yourself accountable. Make your goals public, write them down, or we love the idea of using StickK. StickK and other options hold you accountable by making you pay an "anti-charity" money when you cheat. You select the charity that you disagree strongly with so you have a punishment if you miss a goal or “cheat."

5. Reward system. We already mentioned the anti-reward but we also love a good treat if we hit our business goals. We suggest catering your reward to something that will help your business continue to grow like new equipment or a branded photoshoot.