Social Media Playbook - What It Is & Why You Need It

Are you winging it on social media? If you have a business and the answer is yes, then we encourage you to start considering a new strategy. Strategy is the key word here.

If you’re not ready to enlist our help, we’ll give you an inside look at how we create Social Media Playbooks for our clients and share a few hot tips to implement on your own.


Our Social Media Playbook is a three-week long process that allows us to dig deep into a client’s business and brand. Our playbook aligns as follows:

  • Setting Goals

  • Aligning Audience

  • Establishing Platforms

  • Designing Content

  • Deployment of Content

  • Amplifying Distribution

We align messaging and posting pillars, access accounts and third-party applications, analyze the current content and examine a competitive set. We also collect all branding and align calendars so we’re ready to get our hands into the business. This playbook generally has two paths: One is an on-boarding process so we’re ready to manage and create for the business’ social platforms. Two is a client playbook with guidelines and rules to follow as they implement themselves internally with their team.

A Playbook gives direction to all social posting. Gone are the days where you are posting without intention.


If you’re ready to get started, we can’t wait to hear from you!

For those not ready to take the plunge - no worries - we have a helpful hint below to transform your social media game…


One item we focus on in our Social Media Playbook package aligns messaging and posting “pillars.” These pillars are how we analyze the business and determine key topics that are central to the business. These topics shape the items that are posted on social media. Our team has strategies and processes to determine the best pillars for each client, but here’s an example so you can brainstorm on your own. We generally recommend 7 to 10 pillars but some clients have more. Keep in mind you may have primary and secondary pillars!

Sample Client: Cafe Espresso
About: Local, independent coffee shop featuring a cozy environment to get some caffeine and snacks. Often feature local artists and are involved in promoting small business.
Possible Pillars:

  • Team (Let followers know more about the coffee shop, baristas, etc. Local biz is all about family so bring your social media following into the Cafe Espresso world)

  • Coffee Art (You have the most talented baristas. Drinks are delicious but also perfect for customer’s IG feed)

  • Events (Open mic nights, art shows, etc - Show off all the neat reasons for customers to come by)

  • Featured locals (Baking scones with blueberries from a local farmer? Tell your following about it!)

  • New (Show off new bean roasts, seasonal recipes, etc)

  • Local Biz (Let your following in on what you are doing to lift up local biz)

  • Shop dogs (Since the shop is pet friendly and people LOVE dogs, seize the opportunity to showcase your loyal pet customers. Maybe add homemade treats to the inventory list too!)

  • Merch (showcase all the goodies like mugs, shirts, and more)

This example may not exactly fit your business but it provides a clear example. Moving forward, we advise anything the client posts pertain to one of these pillars. The pillars also create great highlights for IG stories.

These pillars are just one TEENY portion of our Social Media Playbook. If you have any questions we’d love to chat.

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