The Total Game Changer - Soul Space KC

Last week we launched one of the biggest, most fun and exciting projects we've EVER worked on. It was our first Total Game Changer project. 

Back in February, Lauren Pusateri and I (Ashley) started dreaming really big. We knew we would be moving in to our studio soon and finally have a space to collaborate more, a place to bring clients to and it would be our own little playland to create magical creative work. 


We started asking ourselves... "What would be the coolest, most fun, and collaborative project we could do in the studio?". The answer ended up becoming (what we now call) The Total Game Changer

This package includes everything... like ev-er-y-thing. All you have to do is find your way to our studio in Kansas City. Here's the breakdown of what we include in this package...


Hotel and Lodging

We'll put you up in an hotel or Airbnb for 5 nights. That's how bad we want you to come to us. We love Kansas City so we want to show you around town, wine and dine you, and let you work with us in the studio. This eliminates the back and forth of email and cuts our process time down to JUST 5 DAYS. 

Email makes our world go round but it also can create miscommunication. We eliminate that immediately once we've got all hands on deck right here with us in the studio. 

Brand Design

This is not just a skimpy little logo - this is the full package. We'll present you with 6 original logo concepts but, we can discuss with you why we've created what we have, you can provide us with feedback immediately and we can tweak within moments. It's truly fabulous because, once again, we've eliminated the back and forth online. We provide you with a full brand build out and a complete Dropbox folder filled to the brim with everything you'll ever need.

Branded Photography

Then, we start shooting! Lauren and I collaborate on how we want the site to layout. We start asking questions... 'what if we did this?!' and 'what if we did that?'. Our ultimate goal is to communicate your brand visually through impeccable high quality photography. You'll walk away with not a single stock image on your site, but images that were all meticulously crafted just for you and your brand. Not to mention, you'll walk away with a couple hundred images that you can start planning out your social media strategy with.

Custom Squarespace Design

After we shoot, we build. By the morning of day 3, you'll have a home page design presented to you ready for you to critique and provide us with feedback. We'll help you create copy, headlines and messaging that speaks to your readers and clients. With Lauren's photography, we make your site totally drool-worthy. Dream big - because we want to make all your website dreams come true!

Social Media Strategy

We will dabble in some social media strategy and provide consulting for your action plan moving forward. We'll help you with sneak peeks to your audience to help build buzz around your brand launching. You'll have a plan and photography in place so never again will you be without anything to post on social media.

Launch Party!

Then we launch! Bring out the champagne because this is a big freaking deal. Your big idea deserves a big fat party.

Whew! That's a lot. And it's done all in 5 days. That's the crazier part. So, I'm excited to share with you our first ever complete project for Alyssa of Soul Space KC.

Alyssa came to us ready to change her life, start her business and create happiness for people through their homes and through their bodies. She is a realtor, interior designer and health coach. Now, you're probably thinking... "Whoooa there! That's a lot of titles." - and you're exactly right. But she had a brilliant name - Soul Space. It's all about where your soul lives, in your body and in your home. It was our job to make these things come to life through one name and one business... and we did just that.

We started with her brand. She really loved the idea of pulling in a gerometric pattern or shape. We took it a step further and introduced a triangle that ended up representing the three different points of her business.

On to photography, we spent an entire 8 hour day shooting exactly what we would need for the website and for her to have a arsenal of images to use on social media. One thing that was really important is that we visually found a way to tell the world all the different hats that Alyssa wears in her business. 

Nailed it!

We sat down and mapped out some ideas. Lauren was able to perfectly capture Alyssa the realtor, Alyssa the health coach and Alyssa the interior designer.  Here's just a tiny peek at more images Lauren shot for the brand.

Then comes the website - my favorite part! There isn't a single image on Alyssa's site that wasn't carefully planned out and put there purposefully (see images below). Everything was designed with purpose to maximize the user experience, the flow, the layout on all devices and the education that is required for potential clients to understand what Alyssa does.

We not only built the website, we helped genrate the copy and trained her on how to update it on her own!

This was a tough 5 days because we are packing so much into a short period of time. I would be lying to you if we told you everything went perfectly smoothly every second of every day. We had moments of doubt. BUT, we just KNEW we could make it happen and we certainly did. The end product is better than I even thought it would be! And the best feeling was hearing the words from Alyssa's mouth... "This was totally worth it!" Other points that Alyssa mentioned of why this was so amazing...

  • The help with copy - writing is hard and she knew she needed other eyes on what her website was going to say. 
  • The creative partnership - when you're running a one-man-show, it can be lonely, so to spend 5 days with creatives that want to do nothing more than help you build something amazing was the perfect solution.

If you are even remotely considering this being an option for your business, I'll be honest and tell you this is a TRUE investment and it is worth every last dollar. Reach out to us at and let's get your week booked on the calendar. Trust me, it's a total game changer.