Squarespace Cover Pages

Why should you learn how to make a cover page on Squarespace? For one, every site needs an update now and then. You wouldn't want to have someone hit your site while you are working and moving things around. Let's keep that dirty laundry out of sight! Sometimes we work with clients who already have a Squarespace site. A cover page allows us to redesign and overhaul their site without anything missing a beat. A cover page covers up the digital construction site while still allowing the business to thrive with a great call to action. If you don't have a site yet, a cover page lets people know your business is established and something exciting is coming. Here is an example of our cover page while we added new packages to our services. 

Blog-Content-hello big idea - squarespace designer.png

We would recommend having a cover made and saved in a hidden location on your Squarespace account so you have it ready as needed in the future. It's one less thing to worry about! Let's break down how to do it...

Step One

Log into your Squarespace account, select your site, and click Pages. 

Step Two

We recommend scrolling down to the section on the right hand side that says Not Linked. We want to place your Cover Page here while you work on it so no one can see it until you are ready. Go ahead and keep the cover page here even when you are not using it. Once you have scrolled down to the Not Linked section, click the Plus button, and select Cover Page. A new page will appear in the Not Linked section labeled "New Cover Page." You can rename the page at this point to something like BRB or Under Construction at this point if you like. 

Step Three

Click on the new Cover Page. This is the section where you can make your cover page specific to your business. 

Step Four

Brand & Text: This is the section where you can add a version of your logo or you can type in your business name. You can add a headline and a description. Let your reader know that you are hard at work and where they can reach you in the meantime. We suggest using your cover page as an opportunity to give your reader some direction. Where can they find your information now or how can they reach you now?

Step Five

Media: Add a photo or video that represents your business. Double check how the image lines up with the information you added above. This leads to the next step.

Step Six

One of the first buttons under the New Cover Page tab is to Change Layout. You may find the layout is easier to change once you know what content (image and text) you have to work with. Select a layout that works best for your specific information and imagery.

Step Seven

Action: We touched on this a bit but give your readers the opportunity to find you! Allow your business to keep moving and groovinโ€™.

Step Eight

Social Icons: selecting this display options includes the social accounts you have hooked up on your Squarespace account. If you do not have this set up yet you can go to the main dashboard, select Settings, and select Connected Accounts. 

Step Nine

Style: This has a bit more of the nitty-gritty details like text positioning, colors, etc. If you are more advanced in Squarespace use this section to update to your business specific fonts and more. If you are not comfortable here no worries! You can use what is preloaded.

Step Ten

Wow that cover page is looking AMAZING! Once you are happy with the design of the cover page go back to main Pages view. As a refresher this is accomplished by going to main dashboard, setting Pages, and scrolling down to the Not Linked section where you will see your cover page. Once you are here, hover your cursor over the New Cover Page and select the Settings crank. A gray pop up will appear on the left and you will need to scroll down to the bottom. Select the black box that says Set As Homepage. 

*Once you are ready for your Cover Page to switch off, go to the Pages panel and hover your cursor your normal Home Page. Select the Settings crank and use the bottom section on the gray pop up to reset the Home Page as the main landing page.

a quick video tutorial for those who are a bit more visual ๐Ÿ™Œโค๏ธ