Squarespace Pop-Ups

We are really vocal concerning how much we love Squarespace. There are too many reasons to list but one is that Squarespace is always adding new features for sites. Last year Squarespace enabled pop-ups on sites and oh how amazing and easy it is to now add a simple pop-up t collect email addresses. Before, you'd have to enable a pop-up through a third party service such as MailChimp. Now, you can set up the pop-up right in Squarespace super easily.

First, it's important to understand WHY one might want to utilize a pop-up because realistically pop-ups can be annoying AF. You're right in the middle of reading something interesting and BOOM they smack your screen with some kind of offer. As annoying as they might be, if they are done right, they can be a great way to help build your email list IF and email list is something you plan on utilizing for your brand regularly. Some people swear by email lists, others hate them and realistically that's a blog post for another day. Here's some information on how to using a pop-up.


What are different ways to use a pop-up?

01 | Give away a freebie or a nugget of information most your readers/viewer might find helpful.

Check out this great example of what we created for Natalie Bailey, an former client and fitness coach. Not only can she build her email list but also makes her readers feel special by giving them VIP access to information you can only access by handing over your email address.

The user gets access to the 10 Apps that she uses and in return she now has added you to her email list for promotions, updates and on-going information about her brand. 

02 | Offer a discount code in return for their email.

This is especially best if you are selling some kind of product (physical or digital) directly on your website. If you're any kind of online shopper you've seen this kind of pop-up all the time. It's enticing to think I could receive an extra 15% off my purchase if I just enter my email in this little blank on the screen.

03 | Offer regular updates and free information.

This is probably the easiest form of a pop up that doesn't require any kind of automation. Simply just provide the offer to sign up for more information. If they aren't interested, they can click out of the box. If they are interested, you just easily gained yourself another subscriber doing almost nothing.



It is easy to set up, just like everything on Squarespace.

STEP 1  |  Log into your Squarespace account and on the main dashboard click on Marketing

*Note - this is a new location for this option. It used to exist under Settings > Marketing.

STEP 2  |  Select Promotional Pop-Up.

STEP 3  |  Update the settings to make your new pop-up look pretty. There are a variety of different settings you'll go through to start aligning your pop-up with the style of your site. First, pick a layout that works for your site. If you choose a layout with an image, upload an image the correlates with your message. Write a headline with supporting text to tell your viewer what they will get once they enter their email address and hit submit.

Don't forget to adjust the Display and Timing settings. This will be where you tell the pop-up how often it should occur. Don't make it too annoying or you'll lose visitors and views on your site pretty quickly.

Lastly, take time to adjust the style settings. This is where you can alter the fonts, colors and animations of the pop-up to make it look like it "goes" with your site design and branding.

STEP 4 |  Hook up your MailChimp account.