Our Most Successful Clients Do These 7 Things

We're big BIG fans of watching our clients totally rock our process and then start killing it on the World Wide Web. And even more so, when they keep it going, keep growing and keep creating. As we have worked with SO many different small businesses and individuals we've gathered some interesting insight to what makes some of our clients the most successful THROUGH OUR PROCESS. Like, how they walk out the door with a bomb ass brand.

Today, we're talking about our process and what our clients have done to get the most out of the 4-8 weeks they spend with us.

So what makes one client of ours more successful than the other with the processes that we have built? It may look like all rainbows and sunshine around here if you follow us on Instagram. But that's because we don't share the shit moments. Like the clients that want to make us pull our hair out of our head - because, yes, we absolutely have those people on our roster. 

Every moment we have a hiccup in our process, we review, we analyze and we adjust. However, as we take much of the fault for any blemish in our process, it is a partnership; a collaboration, therefore the client must come to the table ready to work as well.

Through all of our highs and lows and ups and downs with ALL KINDS of clients this year, here are 7 things our most successful (and happiest!) clients do. 

1. They have an open mind.

Oh baby, do they ever! An open mind, meaning they are open to our ideas, suggestions, and creativity. They don't come to us wanting us to recreate something that exists inside their head. They don't draw up their own logos to send back to us and want us to use. (That really happened). Why are you hiring us if you just made the logo you want to use? 

An open mind allows us to take full reign of your project, get our hands extra dirty with creativity so that we can produce spectacular work for you! A closed mind, means you start sending us Etsy logos you found because you saw it once on Pinterest and just knew that you wanted something similar. Go buy the Etsy logo! 

Come to the table with a clear and open mind when you're ready to work with us.

2. They educate themselves.

Our most successful clients take time to understand their brand and our process. They educate themselves on best practices, what other people are doing, what they want, what they don't want, how to build the best Pinterest board, how to give quality and helpful feedback, how to use their brand after we're done with them and so on and so on. Our process works swimmingly well, IF the client is educated, so we have a "hub" for that! An entire area of our website dedicated to clients only and information they need to know. EDUCATE YO'SELF! 


Are you a potential client that's ready to get educated? Here are some blog posts that can help with that:



    3. They are excellent communicators.

    They know how to structure an email and feedback to us that is both productive and informative and they do it in a timely manner. We've worked our asses off to create a timeline and process for projects. We know that on Tuesday of week 4 you should have your second round of feedback to us and that on Friday of week 2 is when your first deliverables will be sent. But, we get those people that sign on with us that don't give a flying hoo-ha about our timeline (even though they've signed a contract agreeing to it!). They go rogue for a little while, and then pop back in the picture once we email them twice or three times. Ick! 

    Okay, yes. Life happens every now and then and we get off a smidge, totally understandable. But for the most part, all of that can be solved with a little quality communication.

    4. They trust themselves.

    Meaning, they trust themselves and not the entire Facebook group of people that they put their logo concepts out to for feedback. Please don't do this. This only wrecks havoc in our world and we're pretty positive no good has ever come from it. Trust YOU! Trust a good friend. Trust your significant other. Trust your business partner. Go with your gut. The second you open up your brand for feedback from strangers on the interwebs, you will never come to a conclusive decision. Too many cooks in the kitchen! People on the internet can really suck, if you haven't noticed. 

    Trust yourself and what YOU like and what YOU want from your brand, don't leave it to the internet to make your opinion for you.

    5. They share (not just post) on social media.

    OOOOH yeah! This process that we go through should be fun and you should want to share it with the world. Not your logos but that you're doing something big for your business. People love sneak peeks, they love to know what you're up to behind the scenes. Jump on Insta Story and give them the lowdown of what to expect from you soon, share your experience and give people information. We're always so surprised about how people never "annouce" their new brand. They just kind of start using it. A new brand is the perfect way to start driving conversation about what you're doing and why you're doing it. SHARE! SHARE! SHARE!

    6. They use what we provide them.

    Holy moly donut shop! We provide so many fabulous little nuggets with your final Dropbox folder like a whole folder called "Shareable Logos". These are logos we've made square and specifically designed so that you can share on social media. Use those bad boys to start conversation and engagement with your followers! And in the meantime, you're creating brand identity. Win win!

    7. They show excitement!

    YOUR VIBE ATTRACTS YOUR TRIBE! Just another cheesy quote or true words of wisdom? You decide. But we think you should get excited about your brand, our process and enjoy it along the way - this is an exciting time for you!