The Anatomy of a Brand Design

Thinking about branding or re-branding? How about a brand refresh? Every designer does it differently but we thought it would be fun to break down our own brand design into the different parts and pieces so you might have a better understanding of HOW to use it all.

Here's what's included in what we call a 'brand board'. This is a long image that helps you see your brand all together at once.

Main Logo

This is the "go to" of all the different logos we provide you. The one that is probably at the top of your website or used the most in brand collateral. It's the one you need to love the most.

Color Palette

Usually 5-7 colors that evoke feeling and bring your brand to life. We always recommend you have a variety of contrasting colors. At least one light or muted color because you're going to want to use it for a background somewhere - the footer of your website, PDF document, etc. And a few dark/bold more contrasting colors. Don't go all light, all dark or all bold. There should be a nice mix.


If you brand was a room or an outfit what would it look like? Those are the kinds of things in the inspiration section. This is a version of your moodboard that we merge on to your brand board so you can see all the pieces start to come together. More about moodboards over here.

Alternative Logo

Usually a more condensed version of your main logo. This logo offers a second option in your branding. Sometimes different size logos are needed for different things. 

Stamp Logo

Check out the top of the pinnable image in this post. That's our stamp! We use this on a variety of different things - from our website footer to brand collateral. This is a good logo to use as a watermark on images you want to claim as your own.

Social Logo

Since social media is so huge in building your brand we think it's important you have logo specifically created to stand out as an avatar.  Make it significant! This also creates brand consistency. People see your main logo on your website but this condensed social version on your social media. It all "goes".


These are font choices that we'll pick out specifically for your brand. We usually include three types of fonts -a personality font, a serif font and a sans serif font. This gives a nice blend of different options for headings, paragraph text and a font that you can sprinkle in for a little personality here and there.

How about a visual breakdown of a brand board? 

What do you think? Are we missing anything? Did you learn something? Let us know what you think of our brand design anatomy.