Why You Need More Than One Logo

Here at Hello Big Idea we create amazing brand design for our awesome clients.  During the brand design process we create a main logo, an alternate logo, a stamp logo and a social logo.  Sometimes clients ask why we work so hard to create so many awesome logos.  These multiple versions are necessary so we thought we would break everything down for you.

scroll down for an example of a brand that we recently built for a career fair located in Honolulu, Hawaii.

logo_in post graphic-02.png

The Main Logo

This is your go-to. Your main squeeze.  This is going to be used most often and placed generally at the top of your website, on collateral like your business cards and important business items. 


Alternate Logo

Your main logo may be your go to but occasionally you may run into a situation where it is does not fit perfectly.  Sometimes a different size is necessary or a version with less detail for an envelope return address or a wrap for some packaging. Whatever it is, we have you covered.


Stamp Logo

This version is fabulous for a watermark, website footer and extra brand collateral like stationary, presentation folders, cards, etc.  Watermarks are important for marking your images and helping potential clients find you if your image gets separated from your text.  This logo is small but has a big punch.


Social Logo

A Social Sharing Logo shows on social networks like Instagram or Facebook when you post a URL from your site.  It ensures there is always an image that leads people to your content even if there are no images in a post.  This logo is created specifically to stick out as an avatar.  This can either be square or round.

What this all means:

We think it is important to give our clients the most expansive branding package by the end of their project.  We include all the logos mentioned above but we also include alternate versions.  It is important to have all color combinations (from the color palette we build) so you are ready for anything.  While a lot of our clients come back for additional design work, you leave HBI with a full set of brand collateral to take over with your business by yourself.  You will not need us again but you may find you want to come back around!