#hellowebworkshop: Little Yellow Leaf

Photo by  Lauren Pusateri

Megan Ibarra

Business Name: Little Yellow Leaf
Theme Used: Hello Dude

Megan is a talented wedding invitation designer in Kansas City. She works with brides all around the Kansas City and surrounding areas to create beautiful and unique wedding stationery.

Photo by  Lauren Pusateri

Here's what Megan said about the workshop...

There are truly not enough words to encompass how much of an impact you made on me and my business in just 2 days at the web work shop. It was incredible! Not to mention the prep packet before the workshop even started. It was obvious a lot of time and energy went into that and it was so helpful to have beforehand.

I feel so much more confident in my brand — something that I realized I needed so badly right now. I’ve had that icky feeling of just wanting to throw in the towel more than once over the last several months. I know a lot of it stemmed with not feeling happy about the inner workings of the business and not giving myself time to work on the business. Which, I think is something every entrepreneur and small business runs into. Being around your team and a group of incredible small business women for 2 days was so powerful. I love how great it feels to now have a strong grasp on managing my site and keeping things fresh and updated. I had no idea how much was possible within Squarespace and the way you presented each step was so easy to understand and follow.

What you created far exceeded my expectations I had for the workshop. I knew it would be great - but it was so much more than just building and launching a site. A HUGE thank you to each and every one of you for all your time, expertise and help. It couldn’t have been done without you! You were so generous with your time to make sure we all felt confident in what we were producing (and easing nerves big time!).
— Megan Ibarra

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