A Social Media Bootcamp

quit winging it on social media


Build the social media guide that you need to blow your business up on Instagram.

9am - 4pm (ish)

This one day intense bootcamp is just what your little business has been looking for. Stop “winging it” on social media with sporadic posts and limited content. You’ll sit around a table (right here in our beautiful downtown studio!) with a small group of other business owners, that may just end up becoming your new best friends!

Together, we’ll build your brand a Social Media Playbook.


to do list:

+ Align messaging and posting “pillars”

Your brand should have 7-10 different categories of information that are being put out into the universe.

+ Align calendar

Put a method to this madness and start working ahead.

+ Get the most out of current assets

Instead of reinventing the wheel start creating some brand recognition with what you already have.

Hands on training with our absolutely favorite tools that will save you time and make you money.

+ Analysis of current content

We're going to get real about what you've already put out on social media - what's working and what isn't.

+ Pull a competitive set

Whose out there in your same space? Knowledge is power.

+ Identify room for disruption

Figuring out how your business can make some waves and shake it up. Authenticity is key.

+ Forward game plan

When should you post? What platforms should you be posting on? What will you be posting? Every little detail, covered.




Tuesday, September 10, 2019


Our new digs in the Crossroads

How much?

$990 per person
$250 to hold your spot today!