How does the design process work?

We are always tweaking and refining our processes to make sure we are meeting the needs of our clients. Each page (brand, web, social) all have the process laid out for you. Take a look!

do you work with Wordpress?

When we first started out we had to 1. figure out what we loved doing and 2. set boundaries for what kind of projects we are willing to take on. Unfortunately, Wordpress wasn't at the top of that list. We honestly believe that Squarespace is the most user-friendly and best for the beginning, average and intermediate users.

What is the turnaround time on a project?

It obviously depends on the type of project as well as other factors such as revisions, email response time, etc. A design project can take anywhere from 2-10 weeks.

I'm on a limited budget, anyway I can make you a deal?

We would love to do everyone a favor for free or cut them a fat deal, however we gotta pay the bills! What if your employer asked you to work on a discounted salary? Yikes! We don't want that for you so we hope you wouldn't want that for us. We are firm believers that with design "you get what you pay for". Working with us to help bring your big idea to life is an investment. 

What print services do you recommend?

We love moo.com! Their quality and turnaround time is second to none. We print our personal business cards through them and people rave when they get one in their hands.

Do you use a project management system?

Yep! We use 17hats.com and love it. This is how we manage invoices, questionnaires and project updates. 

Can I be a part of the HBI team?

If we are hiring, we will make sure to post on all of our social media accounts as well as our About page. Feel free to follow along on social to get immediate updates.

Will I be able to update my website after you're done?

Absolutely! That's the glory of Squarespace and why we swear by it. We always tell people it's the perfect platform for us to design on because it's hard enough for you to do yourself but amazingly easy to update once a designer is done with it.






An board that is created to reflect your brand's look, style and feel all while capturing the perfect color scheme.

brand board

A single (usually long) image that includes your main logo, color palette, alternate logos, typography, patterns and a little inspiration dabbled in there as well. This is one image that lays out your brand to understand how all the parts "go" together.

PDF style guide

Think of this as an advanced version of a brand board. It will include everything a brand board does but in much greater detail. We'll tell you the best ways to use your new branding, how not to use your logo and even share a few tips and tricks we have up our sleeve.


When a website responds the the device that it's being viewed on. For example, if you site is being viewed on a cell phone the site should adapt to that device. An easy test of mobile-responsiveness is to open in a desktop browser and use your cursor to make the window as wide and as skinny as possible. Does the website respond? If so, it's mobile-responsive.


Stands for Search Engine Optimization. Basically that's fancy lingo for how well does Google (and other search engines) pick up your site. 


Can you sell things on your website? If so, then this is an e-commerce site.