We are hiring


A position at HBI might be for you If...

    • You are a doer, not just a planner or an idea generator. You can #GSD (like, hardcore).
    • You live in or around the Kansas City, Metro area. 
    • You enjoy working in a creative, collaborative and fun environment.
    • You are self motivated. You don't need someone lurking over your shoulder or constantly reminding you to do something. 
    • You are super organized...maybe even a little OCD, yet laid back (AKA able to go with the flow). We're looking for a unicorn here!
    • You have high energy and passion for doing cool sh*t.
    • You can bring something unique to the table. You're not just an "Average Joe". You can prove you have unique talent and/or knowledge and can't wait to share that with people who care (aka Hello Big Idea and our clients). 
    • You like coffee and/or beer.
    • You are really good at figuring things out. Your Google history is filled with things like... "how to setup multiple artboards in Illustrator" or "how to remove super glue from your hands". (That's seriously our last Google search. No lie.)
    • You know that working at a startup doesn't pay a lot to begin with, but we pay a lot more than other places in "learning" and in "fun". 

    Graphic Design Intern

    We are looking for someone who has knowledge in graphic design. You may just be starting out but you know Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign. Perhaps you're working towards a degree in Graphic Design or you're about to graduate with one. Plus, your eye for spacial awareness and quality design is killer. We need a brain that thinks creatively, problem solves uniquely and works quickly.

    A few details or answers to questions we always get asked:

    • We have a computer for you! Or you can bring your own if you feel more comfortable that way. 
    • Hours will vary on time from week-to-week, but expect anywhere from 20-30 hours a week. 
    • Most hours will be worked between 9-5pm, Monday - Friday. However, there maybe the occasional project that goes outside that realm. Taking a vacation this summer? No prob. Just let us know in the interview.
    • This is a paid internship. Not just with learning and fun, but actual money you can pay your bills with. We'll discuss payment upon an interview.

    Does this sound like you? Are you interested? Here's what you need to gather:

    • Resume - To be honest, we'll browse it and probably stalk you on social media a bit but we almost care more about what it looks like than what it says. 
    • Portfolio - Proof that you can design. Something that proves you create great work - even better if it shows your style relates to ours. We're not picky about what format this comes in - website, PDF, etc.
    • Email both of these items to ashley@hellobigidea.com before Sunday, May 6th at 10pm.

    Super curious, want to meet us and ask some informal questions? Meet us at Happy Hour this week!