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Branding yourself beyond just a logo

We believe in the power of GIRLS. Especially females that want to build and create a life and business for themselves. But not just any business - a strong, sustainable, successful business that has longevity.


No more... DIYing digital design.

No more... sitting in front of the computer for hours trying to figure it out yourself.

No more... sporadic social media posts with little to no purpose.

No more... posting to random groups because you have a question and someone just *might* have the answer.

No more... inconsistent feeds, voices, graphics or ideas.

Say goodbye to procrastination. Say goodbye to mediocre design (because, let's face it, you're not a designer!) 


What we have to offer you is life changing.

10 women - April 2018

Here's the lowdown. We are building a small but mighty tribe of female business owners under the following criteria.

We are looking for women who...


...have been in business for at least 6 months (aka you've made some $$$).

...have DIY'd it thus far or are in the market for a rebrand/relaunch.

...have a self-made product and/or service (no MLM's).

...have a drive to create and build (and do it really effing well!).

...want to start attracting clients at a higher price point.

...have an appreciation for attention to detail and know the importance of branding.

...believe quality design is wildly important!

...believe in GIRL POWER and want a tribe of women to mastermind with that exist at a same place with their businesses.


Here's what'll happen in the month of April:

  • Meticulous Brand Style Discovery
  • Social Media Tips, Tricks and (major!) Truthbombs with an action plan
  • Brand and Logo Design (this alone is a $2000 value)
  • 1-on-1 Call to Discuss and Finalize Branding
  • Blog Alignment to Establish Yourself as an Expert in Your Market
  • Launch Strategy to Generate Buzz for a Successful (re)Launch
  • Weekly Discussion Mastermind Calls
  • Private Facebook Group (to ask questions and get answers!)
  • Regular Facebook Lives on Hot Topics


  • Custom Squarespace Website
  • 1-on-1 Call To Discuss Design
  • Training Call

We've set aside the entire month of April to make this happen. Our undivided attention towards you and your business is so important to us.



A little bit of homework to get started so that when Monday, April 2nd hits, we can hit the ground running!

Week 1

Discover Your Brand and Style Better

Week 2

Thrive On Social Media with Visual Branding

Week 3

Design A Logo

Week 4

Build Your Brand with A Blog

*Bonus option*

Week 5

(optional but more than worth it!)

Launch a Website


Apply to snag your spot

We'll look over your application and be in touch shortly. We're reviewing and vetting our applicants to make sure we're creating the best possible tribe of women that fit our criteria. We want to make sure this tribe is an increidble one!

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4 Week No Man's Brand


Or 4 payments of $999

5 Week No Man's Brand
with Website!


Or 4 payments of $1425