Modern | Squarespace Design

Modern | Squarespace Design


This stylish modern design will take your Squarespace website to a whole new level of amazing! 

We'll provide you with the following items to DIY an incredible website:

  • PDF Guide

  • Photoshop Files

  • Step-by-Step Installation Videos

  • PLUS, a little something extra for when you launch!

What you'll need:

  • Squarespace Account (Packages as low as $8 a month!)
  • Photoshop (Don't have it? Snag the free trial while you install.)
  • Your Own Photography/Images
  • Domain (optional, but recommended!)
  • Branding (optional, but recommended!)
  • GSD Attitude

Basic Photoshop skills recommended for the very best result. 

Live Demo Website

Click "Visitor Access" type in the code and you'll see the live version of Edit.

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