the fine print


As freelancers we know we haven't signed up for any old average gig. However, we do like to keep semi-normal hours of operation to keep things balanced in our lives. We are usually at our desk Monday through Friday. We like to have the weekend's off and we don't usually work on holidays. 


We understand that communication is key! Big ideas deserve quality communication. The easiest way to reach us is via email. Once a project gets underway the primary vehicle for communication will be email. Often times a phone call is necessary to get the project started but all communication will be via email for documentation purposes.


Booking is easy! Shoot us an email. Let's start the conversation about what exactly you are looking for. Once we are both clear on your vision and goals there will be a little homework for you to work on. Once you homework is complete, the design process begins.


We will send you an invoice. Half of the invoice is to be paid upfront to get the project started. The other half is due right before the delivery of your final product (Dropbox folder, blog installation, website domain installed, etc.).


Each project is different. At the time that you commit to working with us we will discuss project timeline and scope and sequence of your project. Most projects run on a timeline of 2-6 weeks. Timely response on emails and communication are important to helping a project stick to the projected timeline. 


We've built in revisions to all of our design packages. The number of revisions is dependent on the project and detailed in a contract. Our goal is that we have quality communication and with each revision we move closer to the final product. If a project were to take more than the allotted revisions, there will be an additional $75 charge for each revision on your final invoice.


Each blog and/or website will include a small design credit for Hello Big Idea. As long as any design elements created or coded by us are included on the site, this design credit must remain in the footer.


We recommend updating your blog and/or website every 12-18 months. We are happy to help make updates as your business grows and technology changes. We do not have the space to store every single design we create. We keep designs in our files for up to one year after your project is complete. After one year, your files will be deleted. 


Our goal is to make sure you are 100% smitten with your final product. We will do everything to make sure you are happy. However, due to the nature of design work no refunds will be issued no matter the point in the design process. If you choose to terminate your design, your final balance is still due within 14 days of your termination. 


If a project will be terminated if communication of a project is neglected for 6 weeks or more. Responsive communication is important to keep the project moving along at the proper pace in order for files to be delivered on time and websites to launch.


All original designs are protected under the copyright of Hello Big Idea. 

Client will have full rights and privileges to all design files and work after completion of project.