This all-inclusive experience is, by far, the biggest bang for your buck and fastest way to launch (or relaunch!) your brand and business. We do it all for you and we do it in just 5 days. Find your way to Kansas City and we'll make sure you leave with everything you need to start killing it online and attracting your dream clients.


Hotel + Lodging

We'll put you in a hotel or AirBnb for 5 nights and show you around the city. We want to hang out with you!


Brand Design

A day or two before you arrive we'll send you brand and logo concepts to review. We'll discuss as once you get into the studio.


Custom Squarespace Design

The whole thing! We do it all for you. Once we have your brand locked in and your photos taken we start building.

Full Branded Photoshoot

When you're shooting with Lauren Pusateri, you're in good hands. We shoot specifically for your site and brand materials. 


Hair and Makeup

If you're going to be in front of the camera all day, we want you looking and feeling your very best. So, we treat you to getting your hair and makeup done for you.


150+ Branded Images

Your content prayers will be answered because by the end of our 5 days together you'll have a beautiful gallery of images to use - for-ev-er.


Social Strategy

We're going to push you to put yourself out into the social universe so that people can start finding you. We'll coach you through how we use social media and give you tips and tricks to make it easy.


Website Training

You won't leave without knowing how to update your website yourself. We'll sit down and walk you through it one-on-one.


Launch Party!

We'll pop champagne and celebrate your new brand and website in style. Big ideas deserve a big party!


Sara Dann

"I went into my Total Game Changer experience excited and hopeful, specifically because I hadn't seen anything ANYWHERE that wrapped all of these services into one, but what I actually received truly blew me away.

I had a lot of ideas of what I wanted leading up to the trip, but the team really brought them all to life and my website is now better than I could have EVER imagined.  

Photoshoots in the past have been a HUGE source of anxiety for me, but the team made me feel 100% comfortable from the moment we started. I could not be happier with not only the quality, but the sheer volume of photos I walked away with. 

The TGC package is absolutely LOADED with value, worth every damn penny, and the team really made me feel like a VIP all week!"

TGC Sara Dann 102117_1058b.jpg


+ Will my website really be done in 5 days?

Yep, sure will! Now, we don't have time to build a 25 page website - which is why we limit you to just 7 pages in this 5 day process. But, you'll walk away being personally one-on-one trained by us on how to build additional pages to your website if you need more. We've got all kinds of Squarespace tricks up our sleeves we want to share with you. You'll probably be surprised how easy it will be!

+ Can I pick my own hotel or lodging accommodations?

We provide a single hotel room for six nights complimentary to you for coming into town and working with us. We've scouted a great little place close to our studio so we can accommodate you back and forth each day. You may choose to waive our offer, however you'll then be responsible for taking on your own accommodations at your own expense. We won't credit your stay in another location and you may have to in-cure your own lyft/uber expenses depending on proximity.

+ Will I have any homework before arriving?

Yes! We'll have plenty of ducks to get in a row before you arrive. The biggest of these ducks will be copy (aka what your website says). Included in the experience is editing - however, if you'd like us to write your headlines, call-to-actions or body text for you, we can but we'll need to get ALL of that in line before we pick you up from the airport.

+ How can I make the experience cheaper?

Well, to be very honest, if this is the first question running through your head, you're not a great fit for this experience. What you will walk away with in the 5 days spent with us, is so value packed that what we charge for it is a little bit crazy (on the low side). There is no way to discount this package. If we added up everything you'll walk away with, a-la-cart would be over $17,000. So, yeah, this bad boy is a helluva deal.

+ I'm someone who really likes to soak things in and take my time, will the TGC still work for me?

No. This is most certainly not the best route for you. This process is all about quick decisions and getting shit done! If you wobble on making solid decisions or need friends and family and tons of feedback from others to make a decision, this (very frankly) is just not for you.

+ I'm interested in a video on my website, can you do that?

Sure! On the afternoon after your photoshoot we'll setup a time with our videographer for you to shoot video for your site. This is something we'll need to arrange prior to your arrival. This additional expense starts at $575 depending on what you're looking for.

+ How will the process be broken up each day?

We have this thing down to a science! Here's the short version of the day-to-day schedule:

  • Day 1 - Branding Concepts, Strategize and Brainstorm
  • Day 2 - Hair and Makeup,Photoshoot
  • Day 3 - Home page reveal, Photos (without you), Strategy, Build
  • Day 4 - Build! Build! Build!, Social Strategy
  • Day 5 - Final Touches, LAUNCH PARTY!

+ Do I have to launch on Day 5?

Nope. Sometimes our last day is a Friday and we don't always recommend making big exciting annoucements on Friday - nobody will be paying attention to you because they are all ready for the weekend. Launching early the next week is often recommended. That gives you time to get home, unwind from your tirp and really give all your attention to a fabulous launch!

+ Will we work long hours each day and do I need to be there the entire time?

The work hours are much longer for us that week than they are for you! However, we've structured this entire experience to eliminate the traditional back-n-forth of email. A lot of the time you're there to help make quick decisions and approvals so we can keep the project moving forward and we can launch on Day 5. Is it five 8 hour days for you? Not necessarily, but being there each day is very important.

+ Can I add additional items to the project like business cards?

Fo sho! This is part of the reason we use the terminology "starting at $9900". There is room to add these things on but we need to know prior to your arrival. We work our schedule for the week out before you arrive so we won't be able to throw extras in at the last minute.

+ What are my actual deliverables at the end of the project?

You'll walk away with a fully functioning beautiful Squarespace website, a photo gallery of 150+ images and a Dropbox folder with all your branding built out ready for you to use. We'll also chat strategy and social media a lot while you're here so you'll have a game plan, resources and ideas so you don't feel stuck. Plus, any additional add-ons if you choose to do so.


Soul Space

"The Hello Big Idea and Lauren Pusateri partnership and the Total Game Changer literally birthed my business. Before I even had a clear vision, these ladies were able to put out there exactly what I wanted! They brought this crazy idea from two seemly different worlds and made them flow into one beautiful business! Not only are these women creative badasses, they are super fun to work with! I loved every minute of my Total Game Changer!"

TGC Soul Space 06132017_1548.jpg
are you ready?

You're just a conversation away from killing it on the world wide web.


Your Best You

"It’s hard to put into words all that HBI did for us and our health & wellnes business! “Making dreams come true” pretty much summarizes it! We came in with a mission and vision for YOUR BEST YOU but Hello Big Idea made it come to life in a way we couldn’t have even imagined. Their creativity, energy, enthusiasm, and unmatched talent made the entire process truly incredible! In only 5 days, we ventured out to adorable Kansas City, met the ladies in their perfectly designed creative studio space, put our heads together, and launched our business for the world to see! We could not have dreamt of a better platform to show the world our mission! Thank you Hello Big Idea for creating our brand with us! You ladies are (no pun intended)... #killingit!"



"I am beyond grateful for my Total Game Changer experience with the HBI team to build my website and brand! The TGC experience is truly unlike any other marketing or branding process available. I appreciate efficiency more than most people, so the fact that you leave with a logo, brand, website, amazing photography AND a list of action items to keep the momentum going after just five days is truly remarkable. Ashley's amazing design talents, Lauren's best-in-class photography, and Dana's impeccable organization of the whole process laid the foundation for me to jump start my business and helped me to create a professional presence for my brand that stands out among the rest."

Citrus-Sage2182-2c 2.jpg

This experience starts at $9900