A killer website will launch your big idea farther than ever expected. through this streamlined process we'll build you the website of your dreams. dream big! we love unique.


custom SQUARESPACE design - $$$

Design Process

5 weeks



 $3000 w/ brand design

Custom Website

Unique design using the incredibly user-friendly Squarespace platform that we'll launch in just weeks!

  • Full customization of content
  • Up to 7 Pages Designed
  • 3 Major Revisions
  • Full SEO Setup (done for you!)
  • Access to the Squarespace Hub for full access to exclusive videos and website resources
  • BONUS! - One-Hour Squarespace Training Call

Add Brand Design

Our favorite projects are when we do both your brand and your website. Add the complete brand design experience with a logo, brand board, style guide and so much more!

+ 3 Weeks To The Process

*Please note that our project list is always rockin'. Custom projects are the best when content (photography + copy) is collected early. Here's everything you need to prepare before we start. If this list sounds scary, we totally get it but it's absolutely crucial to building you a jaw-dropping website.

styled theme - $$


Design Process

3 Weeks



$1500 w/ brand design

Styled Theme

We'll take one of our five Squarespace themes and style it with your branding, your photography and images with your copy and content. Basically, we do all the hard work for you!

  • Styled Theme
  • Installation + Setup 
  • 3 Major Revisions
  • Layout Design for 7 Pages (Home, About, Contact, plus 4 of your choosing)
  • Access to the Squarespace Hub for full access to exclusive videos and website resources

Add Brand Design

When we do your branding, this adds the ultimate fabulous touch to your new site. You'll get a custom logo, brand board, and so much more

+ 4 WEEKS to the process



Do you have product you'd like to sell on your site? Then you'll need to setup a shop. We'll do this for you (up to the first 25 products) and then train you on how to do it yourself for the future.

+ $500

Blog Migration

Does your blog currently reside on WordPress or Blogger and you're ready to make the switch to Squarespace? We'll do the hard work for you.

+ $500

Additional Pages

Both custom and styled packages include 7 pages for your website. Do you foresee needing more than that? We'll design and set those up for you.

$150 each


sites we helped build