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Well, Wine Wednesday, of course! Mark your calendar for June 27th. Because the first HBI Wine Design Challenge is going down. This will be a little digital design event happening between 5-9pm CST.


The interwebs - more specifically Instagram.


June 27, 2018


the gist

You see, it's actually really easy - you get 4 hours, 4 pours and 9 squares... and a theme. We'll deliver the theme 24 hours before the challenge starts. Your goal is to post 9 squares (between 5-9pm CST) based on the theme we give you - interpret however you see fit! Get creative, be different and have fun! The idea is that you get loose and see how your design progresses after a few glasses of the good stuff.

We're not here to eff up anyone's beautiful grid, so although 9 squares sounds like a lot - it'll be fun and hopefully create some awesome content for you. You'll post each square with the hashtag #winedesignchallenge. Then to show progression you'll tag on #wdcpost1 changing the last number with each post you place on instagram - all the way up to 9. Make sense?


Anyone! It IS a design challenge so we figured mostly designers would join in but we don't discriminate - if you want to create and drink wine and get involved we encourage you to do so. 

No catch, no cost

Nope, no catch. This is just us having fun. This doesn't cost anything but your time - well, and a bottle of wine. And, of course, you don't have to drink wine - we just thought it would make things interesting! To be honest, we got a little tipsy one night on wine as we were designing and we loved how much better our work got and now we're going to put this theory to the test.


4 pours

You choose the size of your pour! This isn't us peer pressuring you into drinking - that's sooo 2004. 

4 hours

You decide when you design and post in those 4 hours, but we felt the need to put a time limit around the challenge - otherwise people like to get all willy nilly.

9 squares

Post your progression of your design ideas in a 9 square grid on Instagram all playing off the theme we provide 24 hours in advance.


then, engage!

What's the point of all this you ask? The point is to create, have fun and engage with all kinds of people that are taking on the same challenge you are. Post your BTS on Insta Stories using #winedesignchallenge. Go check out the hashtag and make sure to comment, like, follow, watch and create community around something we clearly all have in common.


You in? hope so.

Here's what you need to do:

1  |  Fill out the form. Give us your info so we can deliver the exclusive #winedesignchallenge theme to your inbox 24 hours in advance.

2  |  Go follow us on Instagram and comment on one of our photos talking about the event and tell us you just signed up!

3  |  Join the private Facebook group. We'll be live streaming our design, pours and posts in the group. As well as answering any questions you might have before the actual challenge. 

4  | Use the design squares and insta story templates below to share the good news that you're participating.

Insta Story

Insta Square

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Go ahead and ask and we'll post in the FB group as questions roll in.
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