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If you've been a long time follower, you'll know that Hello Big Idea evolved from The Blog Salon in September of 2015. From teacher and part-time freelancer to full-blown business and team members. Our journey hasn't been easy but it's sure fun to look back and see how far we have come.

If you're new around here, welcome! Here's how HBI came to be.


Start blog. Play with design. Figure out it's kinda fun. Launch Etsy site. Get first blog design client. Fake way through process and installation.


Create confusing and mediocre design website. Start picking up a few blog design projects. Make 536 mistakes. Blog a lot.


Launch The Blog Salon. Fake way through WordPress. Make 859 mistakes. Google, a lot. Discover Squarespace.


Revamp The Blog Salon a few too many times. Pick up pace. Google some more. Take WordPress course. Build processes.


Start brainstorming plan to do something bigger and better. Quit teaching job. Move to Jamaica. Move back to KC. Launch HBI. 


Grow grow grow! Start hiring creatives to build HBI. Launch DIY Squarespace themes and 2 day website workshop.



Start dreaming bigger. Realize there is no limit on success. Move into our first studio space. Hire a project manager. Keep doing badass work.

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Team Leader
Design Guru
Coffee Drinker


Ashley is born and raised in Kansas City and is passionate about being creative, authentic and helping people follow their dreams. But what if we told you that Ashley was a high school business teacher before launching Hello Big Idea? She has no formal training in brand, web or graphic design. She no longer uses the degree she worked so hard for in college. All she had was a passion for design and a desire to work for herself. Hello Big Idea is truly a labor of hard work and dedication that has been created through lots of late night computer hours, Googling answers to problems, along with networking and strategizing. Ashley dreamed big and HBI has become something more than ever expected. 




Maker of Beautiful Things
Idea-Bouncer Offer
Instagram Lover

creative strategist

Audrey is a GSDer, DIYer and all around design badass. This girl has the attitude, idea generation, and outside the box thinking that brings big ideas to life.  She creates incredible content to keep readers coming back for more. She's a brander, a little bit sarcastic and fabulously hilarious.



Pretty Image Maker
Lightroom Genius
Dry Shampoo Over-User


Lauren's a genius behind the lens. And not in the "I'm going to take a pretty family photo for you". We're talkin' studio, lights, camera, action style. She can turn the most average of things into insane images. Check out her work at hello-lauren.com.


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Lap Layer
Bow Tie Wearer
Email Newsletter Sender


Kevin is lazy and a horrible typer but makes up for his lack of office skill in cuteness. He loves a good walk around the block, socks, playing ball and laying on laps. Kevin also writes and sends our email newsletter updates! Check out his hashtag on Insta - #weinerdogkevin



We'll be hiring summer interns soon! Keep your eyes peeled both here and on social media for the information. Probably around the end of March or beginning of April.

Working with Hello Big Idea was such a pleasure! I really needed a new website that could capture the essence of my brand and tell my story to potential clients. HBI took my folder of “all the things” and created a stunning site that I’m proud to own! I couldn’t be happier with the result of their creative vision.
— Marjorie Avent